National day of Catalonia in Roses
COM_CONTENT_D_T:10-11 09.2017

National day of Catalonia is celebrated on the 11th of September. All cities and towns of the Costa Brava will be decorated with the yellow- and red-striped Catalan flag "Senyera". The holiday begins on the 10th of September evening with the torchlight procession all over Roses, a lot of festive events are also planning.

National day of Catalonia is celebrated in the memory of the defeat at the Siege of Barcelona by the Franco-Spanish troops on the 11th of September in 1714. The Catalans lost their autonomy and the period of repression when civil liberties and Catalan institutions were abolished began.That's why this holiday has a deep symbolism, it's the embodiment of quest for liberty and unity of the Catalan people.
During this day in the city there will be political actions and demonstrations that then will be replaced by a concert of traditional music and festivities. Also there will be meetings "Castels" – the builders of "alive towers".
All the citizens and guests of the city take part in the celebration of this holiday.